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    The deadline for abstract submission (invited paper and short paper) is  August 31, 2019. The authors of an abstract should indicate the target session of the congress and  all abstracts must be submitted through the ISHS tool ROSA (Responsive Online System for ActaHorticulturae submission and review). The authors should refer to ROSA link (https://www.actahort.org/members/symposiar?nr=608) for the submission of their abstracts and papers.

    Accepted contribution will be published in ActaHorticulturae.
    All oral presenters, including invited and keynote speakers, should submit a manuscript for ActaHorticulturae. If this is not agreed to by the author(s), the work can be presented as a poster instead. Authors of posters are welcome to submit their manuscript for ActaHorticulturae but posters cannot be published as such.
    ActaHorticulturae authors’ guideline should be strictly followed: https://www.ishs.org/authors


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